We provide the following services:

  • Case screenings- a cost effective way to determine case merit, eliminating unnecessary expenditure of time and money.
  • Develop chronological timeliness and brief reports, highlighting significant medical events present or absent and clarifying how it fits into case analysis.
  • Assist with discovery via preparing interrogatories and request for production.
  • Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination.
  • Detect tampering of medical records.
  • Attend and report on independent medical examinations.
  • Research and apply authoritative nursing and medical literature.
  • Identify deviations and adherences to applicable standards of practice and quality of care.
  • Assess injuries and identify causation issues and contributing factors.
  • Serve as a liaison via interviewing and preparing clients, key witnesses and experts.
  • Facilitate preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence.
  • Record retrieval for efficiency and a streamlined process.

Services and work products are tailored to your individual needs with a 100% risk free guarantee.


Why do legal firms need CLNC’s on their side?

  • While the attorney is the legal expert…
    • A CLNC has expertise regarding the health care system and its inner workings.
    • A CLNC is a cost-effective resource with expertise for reviewing medical records and understanding the intricacies of health care.
    • A CLNC provides education on a variety of medical issues.


Michelle’s Summary of Qualifications and How I Can Help You:

  • 19 years of nursing experience in various health care specialties (inpatient and outpatient) saves you time and money by addressing relevant issues associated with medical records, standards of care, negligence, injuries and damages (determination/cause/extent of both). 
  • I have critically analyzed hundreds of medical records, especially when poor outcomes required in depth review. I have the expertise to efficiently and professionally review medical records to save your firm time and money.
  • Expertise in health care operations, management and policy development evidenced by working as CNO, Risk Manager, Quality Director, Corporate Responsibility Officer and other various managerial positions with the ability to work staff nurse during these times. 
  • Experience working with electronic and paper healthcare medical records, making it hassle free for you as I understand both records and can determine tampering, missing records, and other deviations.
  • Possess knowledge and training associated with patient and employee safety, performance improvement/quality initiatives, standards of care, accreditation metrics, and proactive approach to preventing avoidable safety "never" events and medical staff peer review including quality indicators and review, giving you a competitive edge on healthcare issues associated with the case.
  • Ability to address all situations encountered by clinical nurses at the bedside and in clinics, plus numerous other issues such as staffing, accreditation, policy and procedure, and inner workings of a health care facility from the ground up, allowing you to spend time on important legal details associated with the case.
  • Conducted several education programs to train patient care, medical staff and Board of Directors on various topics related to safety, quality, risk management, current standards of care and customer satisfaction further demonstrating my knowledge and ability to educate others leaving you to attend to the legal aspects.
  • Consulted for other healthcare facilities to find areas for improvement, efficiencies, and process changes for implementation, demonstrating my experience in consulting leaving you worry free regarding the excellence of my work.

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